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Older Minolta, Lines in Pictures!!!

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  • Older Minolta, Lines in Pictures!!!

    hi all,

    i was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback. I unearthed a Minolta XG1 while cleaning out an old house. After downloading the user manual from the Minolta website, i read it, loaded the film, and starting shooting. The pictures came out great except for three light blue lines in the same spot on every frame. The camera appears very clean inside. I cannot see any blemishes or scratches where the film advances. I have never used a full manual camera before so it might be user error. When i rewound the film, there was some resistance. Is this normal?

    I don't know if it was the camera, or the 1 hour photo where i had the pictures developed that caused the lines. I examined the negatives, and they also have the lines. The picture quality was excellent however.

    Does anyone know of a reputable service center for older Minolta cameras, or have i made a mistake with the camera? Any help is greatly appreciated.