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What is Thanksgiving?

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  • What is Thanksgiving?

    Just curious what people think Thanksgiving is? In school we learned Thanksgiving was celebrated because it was a day the Native Americans provided food for the starving pilgrims way back when. If that's the case, we celebrate the beginning of a chain of events of murder, oppression, stealing land and lies. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
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    Re: What is Thanksgiving?

    You know, I'm pretty liberal and PC about things, but even I think maybe you're going a bit overboard. :P It's tragic what happened to the Native Americans, and I would totally support a "Native American Remembrance Day" or something like that.

    As to what Thanksgiving is, we all know that the schools largely fed us socially homogenizing tripe as children (e.g. "D.A.R.E."—one toke of reefer leads straight to heroin and homelessness!). I think Thanksgiving is, essentially:

    * A harvest festival of sorts
    * A holiday kicking off the holiday season
    * A holiday kicking off shopping season
    * A good chance to be around family and, generally, be thankful for what we've got

    . . . and a few other things, with notions about "Native Americans" somewhere way down on the list.

    Since this board IS about photography, *ahem* I think Thanksgiving is a good time to catch up with family, take portraits, snaps of busy children, etc. In other words, it's a time for us to make memories, and to reconnect.
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      Re: What is Thanksgiving?

      Thanksgiving: A Hallmark Holiday to provide the mass marketers a chance to mark the start of selling stuff for Christmas.

      Christmas: A holiday manufactured by a number of organizations (The Catholic Church being a prime mover) to incorporate other 'lesser or heathen' religious 'cults' into their 'one true' organization.

      What do I 'do' for these events: Get together with family and friends and kick back, make memories and share friendship and the warmth of a loving group.
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        Re: What is Thanksgiving?

        In simpler terms I see it as a day of being thankful for being alive and for everything I have. Most people go around griping about what the don't have and how life sucks.


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          Re: What is Thanksgiving?

          Thanksgiving isn't much to me other than a nice long weekend off of work and sometimes an excuse to see the family...I'm a vegetarian so I don't do the turkey dinner.

          I do like it as the kickoff to the holiday season photography-wise though, because I love the lights and snow.


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            Re: What is Thanksgiving?

            Originally posted by BeyondTheImage View Post
            ...If that's the case, we celebrate the beginning of a chain of events of murder, oppression, stealing land and lies. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
            Thanksgiving to me is a celebration of the fact that a 15-year old girl named Mary Stafford ventured out on her own and boarded a ship bound for a new world. After a long arduous journey, her passage blown off course, she ended up near what would become Plymouth, MA, where, starving and freezing half to death, she decided to make her life better by launching a nefarious career of murdering all who opposed her, oppressing entire native populations, and stealing lands in her conquering madness before finally settling down and raising a family that would eventually lead to my birth. Thanks to her initial efforts, we were allowed to continue to murder, maim and oppress the masses, and to this very day I celebrate my ability to dominate and assert my God-given right to be, well, right, by consuming mass quantities of turkey, gravy, beer and pie. JFTC, we can find negative aspects to everything we celebrate, why not just be joyous that we can spend time with family and friends?