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  • 20d help!

    ok guys i have a problem with my canon 20d. today i was shooting at the park a volleyball game of my friends and when i shot them my camera went crazy. it just keeps snapping the shutter. no data on the lcd screen and on the top read out. it just snaps the shutter a ton of times. even if i take out the battery, the thing just keeps snapping the shutters. i tried to take out the vertical grip and run the battery in the factory slot, and still. it just keeps snapping. i could turn off and turn on and the top display would say error 99. i tried changing other len's but still it says error 99. i just got my camera back from canon last week from a backfocus fix. i dont know what to do?

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    wow, that sounds like a possessed 20D. I've never heard of that happening why any of my buddies witht he 20D. You Call Canon about it? Did it stop after a while?


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      Check the contact's see if theyre not dirty, Also check the mirror out but be careful with the curtains.

      Most likely they damaged something while they serviced it.


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        i just mailed it out. its not the contacts. if i cleaned it out anymore it would be nothing left. it was still doing it. it was driving me crazy. omg im so mad right now and tomorrow is my birthday. happy fricken birthday to a cameraless guy! ahhhhh im starting to hate canon!


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          Come pick mine up you can borrow it till you get yours back.

          P.M me Ill be unavailable from 7:00 to 9:00

          Leave me your # in the P.m


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            very nice of you manr to let him borrow yours.

            oh by the way, Happy Birthday dude


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              hey thanks guys! wow i love the support from here! if anyone needs help with website design or graphics just hit me up. its what i do for a living


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                ok i got back word from canon and there fixing it now. i should get it back within 7-10 business days... GEEZ THATS ABOUT A MONTH WITH SHIPPING!


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                  What did they say the problem was, Are they going to take the blame or??

                  sucks cause you just got it back.


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                    they didnt say what was wrong with it but there paying for it. it just takes forever! i just hope if i keep sending it in, i get a new one or something.