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A Photographer who can "pay it forward"...

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  • A Photographer who can "pay it forward"...

    Ok guys...didnt know where to post this...I AM BEYOND paycheck to paycheck...literally get down to pennies everymonth...and sometimes dont even have that...

    Here is my dilema...Usually every year my Credit Union pairs up Boyd Anderson and gives its members a free session and 25 free photo holiday greeting cards.. BUT...this year due to the economy Boyd Anderson is not teaming up with the credit union...That was going to be my only gift to my family and friends this year for Christmas due to me being so broke this year. But now I dont even have that option.

    Here is my thought....I need someone that would be willing to do a shoot of my boyfriend and I...we are open to locations...we will probably be wearing Red or green or something "christmasy"...You would be able to use any and all of the shots in your portfolio and it would just be more practice and experience for you...we are hoping for some classic couple poses...but I would also want some different unique poses also...Im asking that someone do the shoot for free...I know that is a lot to ask right now...but I wouldnt be asking if I could afford to give you money.... You dont even have to make prints...just put them on a I can put one or two on photo greeting cards...if I can come up with the money for that...otherwise I will just print what I need and mail them out in a christmas card..

    Thank You in advanced...
    Lacy, lillmo86

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    Re: A Photographer who can "pay it forward"... to the rescue

    No problem, one hour of free engagement pictures, please give me a call to schedule something, I do have a couple of events coming up, but we can work something out if interested.

    email me your availability for your pictures



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      Re: A Photographer who can "pay it forward"...

      well they wouldnt be engagement photos...just christmas...I understand that its pretty much the same thing...but we dont want to scare my boyfriend away quite yet!!! And thank you! I will private message you as soon as my boyfriend and I look at our schedules!


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        Re: A Photographer who can "pay it forward"...

        If this falls through, message me and I will shoot for you, I need another "Good Deed" for my week. Dale
        My Gallerys at

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        "If you seek Peace, Prepair for War."