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Our new photo shoot section!!!

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  • Our new photo shoot section!!!

    So we started up an new section called "Photo Shoot" under the monthly section. I am heading up this area and I want to know what you guys all want to shoot. So post your ideas, so we have places to go for the future months. The last week before the next month I will post what the Photo Shoot will be and if you are interested you can post your available for the upcoming month. I will see what time and day will work the best for everyone and let you guys all know. This month, November, We will try to get something together to go shoot the Monthly Challenge which is the "Night Shots from Balboa Park". The months after will not most likely be the monthly challenge just this month. So please post your ideas for Photo Shots and I will post data on a trip this Month.

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    I've been thinking about going downtown (when it's really busy) to catch the night life there


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      Ok, I will add to my list which you are the first person to say anything. So possible next month that will be the shoot, I love night shooting in general. Its way more of an art form to me.


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        I love night shooting in general. Its way more of an art form to me.
        Ditto! I enjoy night shooting way more than anything else. Downtown sounds good to me too. Then of course you have Balboa Park, Belmont Park at night would be cool, anywhere along the coastline is good too...

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          I am soooo For Downtown, Ive been wanting to do that for a while now