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  • Hey!

    My name is Mark. Interest in photography started for me in mid 2005 and became "serious" in late 2006.
    I've trained with the IFLC and the Deutschmanns. A wonderful group.
    My approaches and philosophies toward the art tend toward accomplishing as much as possible in camera with little if no PS if possible (but never out of the question)....unless of course we are talking manipulations (of which I am still a novice at).
    I am looking for other SD photographers who love this city and county and all its vast offerings artistically speaking. In a few months, many photographers (in other areas) will be stuck in their homes due to inclement weather. We, on the other hand, just keep rockin'.
    Many of my works are technique riddled, paying little attention to EXIF info as every situation requires something different.
    Still trying to figure out the protocol for posting on this site. It appears that posting happens in the forums and there are no "formal"
    Looking forward to this next part of the journey.
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    Re: Hey!

    Welcome to the forum! I like what you have to say. There are some good people here. Hope you stick around and hope to meet you soon!
    Throw a little light. If it doesn't come back, it probably fell off...
    Nikon D80 (nicknamed Cylopsoid)
    Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 Lovin' it. I could glue it to my camera and be happy.
    Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 It's the older model w/o the AF motor and it focuses FAST. It's just like the 17-50, only longer.
    Nikkor 50mm f1.8d <------creammmmmy
    Nikkor 18-55 kit Now in a deep slumber.
    Quantaray 28-82 Somewhere in the house.
    Nikon N65 Back for the resurrection tour! Coming to defend the faith...
    (This spot being saved for hopefully a G9 or G11) Shhhh, I know those are Canons...


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      Re: Hey!

      Welcome to the forum Mark.

      If I don't give you a hard time at some point then it just means I don't like you. It's all fun and games.

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        Re: Hey!

        Welcome to the forum. You'll find this group is a well-balanced blend of old and new, technical and creative, the ordinary and the exquisite. It's quite a diverse group of people and talents.


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          Re: Hey!

          Mark, great introduction and I like your work, I esp like the shot of the big family photo. You pulled that one off really well as I have done them that big before and it can be a nightmare.

          Most users post their photos in the different categories and we do have a gallery that people never You can go to it any time via the nav bar above. Heres the link Main Index - San Diego Photo Forum Gallery


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            Re: Hey!

            Mark - We meet up again! Was wondering when you would show up. Hope to see your new work posted here as your photos have always been an inspiration to me.


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              Re: Hey!



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                Re: Hey!

                thanks everyone...good to "see" you too Ty!