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  • New to board and area

    Hello Everyone,

    New to this board and to the SD area. Just moved back a few months ago and looking to learn some of the hot spots for photos. I have been doing photography seriously for the past 2 years but have always had a camera in my hand. I do mainly Equine photography but also dabble a little bit in Landscape/Outdoor and sport.

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    Re: New to board and area

    Great to have you, Do you have a portfolio or images posted online?

    Stick around and feel free to upload some images here


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      Re: New to board and area

      Actually I have just uploaded a couple of my images on the site in the Gallery. In Nature and Sports and Night sections. I don't have an online portfolio to show though unfortunately. I am currently working on a website now though.
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        Re: New to board and area

        Ocean Beach is a great area; it's very photogenic, with lots of local character. It also has cliffs and a pier... Then again, most of the beaches in San Diego are nice, especially during golden hour light.


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          Re: New to board and area

          Hello hello! Welcome!
          See my user profile for gear information. Then forget about that stuff and go take pictures! And then some more pictures!


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            Re: New to board and area

            Hello and welcome.

            If you have time, consider the Torrey Pines photo shoot this month.
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              Re: New to board and area

              I am very much thinking of going. I have heard that this is a great area to shoot from.


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                Re: New to board and area


                Lots of horses in East County. (Ramona, Julian etc). There are rodeos in Lakeside/Santee and Ramona.

                Good landscape shots can be had all over. Balboa Park, most of the beach areas, especially Del Mar, Coronado, OB and Torrey Pines.

                Depending on what kind of sports you do, there are some tracks around, including Barona (1/8 mile drag, flat track, motocross) and Pala (motocross).

                You can go east on the 8 and find some OHV areas, or go out to Ocotillo Wells or Glamis sand dunes and catch some good shots of sand rails that cost more than my first house.

                You can check out the Padres (baseball) and Chargers (football), along with surfing at the beach, Over the Line during the summer, hang-gliding and motorcycles (street) on Palomar Mountain.

                There's a ton of stuff to keep you busy. Enjoy, and be sure to share some of your stuff!
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