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  • Picture posting FAQ

    Another guide for all the cool new members in case they were wondering.

    There's a couple ways to post photos in the forum. The first way is to use an web gallery somewhere online i.e. Flickr, Photobucket... If you choose to go that route, the process will work like this.

    When posting a new thread, fill in the relevant info pertaining to the thread and then when you're ready to put in your images click this icon in the tool bar of the text box and place the url to the picture in there and you're done.

    If you'd rather not have your images hosted online and would like to just upload them to the site then that works as well. Once again, when creating a new thread fill in the info. Then when you're ready to place your image in you just click the attachment icon at the top of the tool bar, upload the images and you're done.

    Max dimensions for all images are 1000 x 1000.

    Now for the gallery, all you have to do is go to the upload page. Browse for the file, select the category and fill in the title and description then hit upload.

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    Re: Picture posting FAQ

    thanks very much--i will try this later--I use apple, and their gallery from Iphoto. thanks again, larry


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      Re: Picture posting FAQ

      Additional note. Many members are having problems posting their images through Picassa. The images are showing up as red Xs. I can only speak for Flickr and Smugmug when it comes to image posting, but what I can say for them is that I've never had an image fail to be seen. I use Flickr 99% of the time and have posted a handful from Smugmug. Hope this helps...
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        Re: Picture posting FAQ

        Just a Reminder, We Have a REMOVED here on the forum.
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          Re: Picture posting FAQ

          Thank you for any information.