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Good to hear SDPF is back. Can't wait for workshops etc...

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  • Good to hear SDPF is back. Can't wait for workshops etc...

    If it's true, that's the best news of the day for me. Can't wait for more news like workshops etc.
    Hope everyone's doing well, Ty; Nick & Marshall(sorry if I forgot some, it's been a long time).
    Great to hear from you guys again. God bless.

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    Holy Cow! It's back??
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      Hey guys, its been a while! Bringing it back has always been something I wanted to do but was busy on other projects. One of the main reasons aside from data being messed up was someone else bought the domain and never did anything with it. I figured cool, someone else will do a forum, nope.... They just sat on the domain. We are missing about a year's worth of activity (2010).

      If you find anything on the forum that doesn't work please use the "Contact us" link at the bottom and someone will get on it.


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        great to see this forum back online. And thanks for the email announcing the come back. Hope the activity picks up too.


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          Cool It's back Hope 2018 will bring great things