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  • Check Here Before Posting in this Forum!

    Thanks for checking into the newest sub-forum at SDPF!!

    We've created this forum specifically for users (and us staffers!!) to post images and get critiques and comments on their work from the group.

    Some tips for a successful experience here in the critique forum?

    -Make sure you've got a bit of a thick hide when reading critiques on your images. Other people may have very different visions and styles than what you have, and they may not like something you put a lot of time and effort into. Expect this, and you can learn more from hearing even the negative comments.

    -Post an image that is big enough to be seen clearly, or link to a large (800+ pixels) version.

    -When posting a critique, please be thoughtful and concise. We're not here to bash other photographer's work, even if you don't like their style or subject matter. This is a place to grow and learn, not be a mean person.

    -When posting an image, be clear whether you have any specific issues you may see with it, or if you're just looking for a general "Is it good enough?" response from the crowd. Also, if you'd like in-depth critiques, be sure to ask for that, and try to post an image you believe to be worthy of such attention paid to it.

    Happy critiquing!
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