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Anza Borrego - Fish Creek

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  • Anza Borrego - Fish Creek

    Thought I would share a few shots from an Xterra club trip I led out to Fish Creek and Sandstone Canyon in Anza Borrego on Saturday. I didn't get too many shots this time, but I'm planning to go back out there again soon.

    12 Xterras lined up at Split Mountain in Fish Creek.

    The Anticline (pressure bends in the sandstone caused by a massive undersea landslide a long time ago, don't know exactly how long ago, but certainly before global warming).

    A narrow spot in Sandstone Canyon. I've actually driven through this a few times, but now it is closed to vehicle traffic. Foot travel only.

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    Re: Anza Borrego - Fish Creek

    Thanks for sharing, 12 deep is a good #

    Interesting shot of the pressure bends.


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      Re: Anza Borrego - Fish Creek

      I recall driving through Sandstone Canyon before being closed to foot traffic only. I've been through that area a few times since I belong to a couple of offroad groups. I love the desert in the fall/winter. The weather is fabulous during the daytime. Still marvel at the fact that that area was under sea level at one point in time.