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What is Strobist???

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  • What is Strobist???

    Hello prospective strobist. You may be wondering,"what is strobist?" In a nutshell Strobist Photography involves using off-camera lighting. Some take a more purist approach to the definition and state that the true strobist uses only off-camera flash and only hotshoe mountable flashes. A few examples are the Nikon SB-24, SB-28, SB600, SB-800, Sigma ef500dg Super, Canon 580EX, and Vivitar 285HV. The list is much longer than this so a quick search on the world wide interweb would reveal many other models.

    While the above definition is very limiting, I believe the concept, at its core level, is rather liberating. To me a strobist tog uses all light sources whether they may be on/off-camera, studio lighting, portable, hotshoe, and even ambient, to achieve the look they are going for. My only distinguishing criteria would be that there is an off-camera flash being utilized somewhere in the shot. To me the strobist attempts to minimize bulk by using small portable flashes...the smaller the better. Portability is what sets us apart. Without it we're no different from a studio tog and this forum would be called "The Studio Lighting Forum". Here is a quick video that will illustrate some of the fundamental aspects of "strobism" as well as provide some info as to the basic equipment needs to get started.

    Don't have any flashes yet? That's fine. I strongly recommend asking questions and doing a bit of research before going out and dumping $$$ or $$$$ on strobes and triggers. There are many ways to achieve an end result. In most cases the cheapest solutions are just as good as the most expensive and high tech alternatives. They just may not be as fast or easy. Then again, if all we wanted was easy, this forum probably wouldn't exist.

    Yes, this is a type of photography that will most definitely require that you have a strong understanding AND USE of your camera's basic settings...ISO/ASA, shutter, aperture, and even white balance. I also recommend starting with one light and working your way up to multiple light setups. You've learned to crawl, now it's time to learn to walk and eventually run. Welcome to an exciting photographic adventure!
    *** If you need to get up to speed on the basics I mentioned, I highly recommend taking Ty's series of workshops including his intro to flash photography workshop.***
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