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  • Looking for a traditional darkroom...


    I'm looking for a traditional darkroom to rent. Does anyone know of one in the San Diego area?

    I shoot large format film and need a darkroom to process film, and would like to have paper printing capabilities. Even just up to 4x5 would be great.

    I process at home in a daylight tank now, but don't have the ability to print. I do scan my negs and use a digital workflow, but sometimes I want to remain totally analog.

    Grossmont College has a killer lab, but you have to be a student there to use it. Same with the other community colleges. Camera Exposure closed down their darkroom about a year ago. There use to be one on Ray Street, and another on Brant Street, but I think they are long gone. I hear UCSD Craft Center may have an open lab, but I can't seem to find any information on it. Does anybody know about the UCSD setup?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: Looking for a traditional darkroom...

    UCSD has two labs i believe, neither of which are "free"...they would charge you more + parking fees, better to take a class at the community college. i took one at City that was pretty much just to use the darkroom. as they didn't really have any formal "class teachings". forgot which class it was though...something you should look into. or else why not set up your own? that's what i've been working on all the stuff, just the lack of space.../=


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      Re: Looking for a traditional darkroom...

      Grossmont has great facilities, but you have to take a class to use them, and not just a lab class, you have to take a curriculum class, then take lab as the second class. That's fine with me but I don't have time this semester (and most likely not next) to devote to a class, so what I need is just a darkroom to "rent" somehow. I'll check out City College, if I could just take the Lab class there that may be the ticket.