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January Workshop Assignments

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  • January Workshop Assignments

    I had a great time at the workshops this weekend! Thank you for your support, and more importantly your enthusiasm in taking the steps to become a better photographer. As I mentioned in the workshops, the material that you learned will just go to waste if you do not put it to go out there and practice....a lot!

    Here are some suggested assignments. Please post one photo for each of the following three assignments, so pick your best work!

    1. Black background - Go out and take some cool looking photos during the day and force the background to go completely black. No cheating by shooting at night with a flash or putting black material behind your subject!

    2. Blown out background - Although we did not do this exercise at the workshop, it is exactly the same principle as the black background except in reverse. In this case you want the background to become over exposed to the point where it is completely white. Both of these assignments use the limited dynamic range of your camera sensor to your advantage rather than it being a disadvantage.

    3. Comical perspective - Go shoot with a wide angle lens and get some comical perspectives. Remember - get close to your subject and watch your depth of field!

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