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  • Strobist 101

    Thanks to all those that came out! We had a near full class. I thank you for your enthusiasm and interest.

    Please post your workshop photos here! Let's see the team "with and without" flash shots. Also, feel free to post your individual practice shots along with any questions you may have about them.
    Throw a little light. If it doesn't come back, it probably fell off...
    Nikon D80 (nicknamed Cylopsoid)
    Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 Lovin' it. I could glue it to my camera and be happy.
    Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 It's the older model w/o the AF motor and it focuses FAST. It's just like the 17-50, only longer.
    Nikkor 50mm f1.8d <------creammmmmy
    Nikkor 18-55 kit Now in a deep slumber.
    Quantaray 28-82 Somewhere in the house.
    Nikon N65 Back for the resurrection tour! Coming to defend the faith...
    (This spot being saved for hopefully a G9 or G11) Shhhh, I know those are Canons...

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    Re: Strobist 101

    Thanks to John for hosting and giving his time to help others improve what they can do with a Flash. Looking forward to the next class.

    And the winning photos are:

    (Directly from RAW -> Jpeg with photoshop. No post processing applied)

    WinnerWithFlash................................... .................................................. ..........WinnerWithoutFlash
    Without others thinking you are good, it doesn't matter how good you think you are.


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      Re: Strobist 101

      Here is one that we didn't use. The second is the recovered version of the first. We didn't do it because the eyes were so dark (Especially on the camera screen) that we didn't see that it would be dramatic enough.

      Flash to camera right, 1/8 power.

      With a little burn in PS, I could recover the eyes and make a presentable photo of it.


      Without others thinking you are good, it doesn't matter how good you think you are.


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        Re: Strobist 101

        I wish that I was joking when I say this, but unfortunately, none of the shots I made while practicing balancing ambient and killing ambient showed up when I uploaded.

        So, Mac will have to send me the files of the shots I took on his cam and we can hopefully change our entry one more time?

        Wink wink?
        See my user profile for gear information. Then forget about that stuff and go take pictures! And then some more pictures!