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  • Night photography

    would love to see a night photography workshop..sans flash..had some issues recently shooting in low natural light..i know lens is part of my problem, but i've gone as far as i can with ISO, shutter speed and my lens' capability for f/stop..

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    Re: Night photography

    Yep. Low light is 90% a factor of your lens. <2/f is the best. That and practicing hand holding. Oh and under exposing a bit and lifting the exposure in post a full stop is another trick in a pinch


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      Re: Night photography

      Actual night photography or low light shooting?

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        Re: Night photography

        What are you working with? What are you trying to shoot? As mentioned above, lens makes a HUGE difference. After that comes the high ISO capability (image quality) of your body. After that is just dealing. Use a tripod if possible. Minimize movement of subject.
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